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While the following links do not belong to PTF United Lodge, if you are still curious about all things Freemasonry, these sites may further spark your interest:

How Does Freemasonry Make Good Men Better? – MasonicFind

Nine Reasons to join Freemasonry – Hungerford Freemasons

The Millennial Freemason

Indiana Freemasons Online

Sacred Texts – Freemasonry

Pietre Stones

University of Bradford : Web of Hiram – Share research

Freemasonry Squared – Everything there is to know about Freemasonry

Traveling Templar

The Tao of Masonry | The world is vast; why do you don your apron and rise at the rap of a gavel?

PIKE QUOTES: Redeeming Pike One Post At A Time

Gnosis Masonry

Building Builders!


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