Annual Fundraiser

As you no doubt surmised after reading about our charitable endeavors, our long-term goals are far more ambitious than our current budget allows; regardless of how our fund performs. But what other may consider lemons, we view as lemonade. More specifically it affords us a tremendous opportunity to engage with the community, share some fellowship, and have some fun via our Annual Fundraiser.

We have not yet finalized all the details because we wanted to put our own skin in the game first before approaching any potential donors or sponsors. So, here is what we do know…

The tentative name is the South of the South Charity Jam or, if you prefer acronyms, the SOS Charity Jam. It will start off small and feature live music in an intimate venue with the ultimate goal of growing it into a full-fledged, outdoor music festival.

What we do know is that we will incorporate a $100 per ticket raffle for a new truck with a higher than average probability to win (1 in 1,000).

We’ll keep you updated in the interim, but if you are a business or individual who is as excited as we are about our charity programs and would like to sponsor this great event, please Contact Us to discuss.