MW Trump

“Freemasonry is a system of morality that is intended to induce the habit of virtue. It encourages its members to give regard to intellectual activities and to the improvement of one’s mind. In other words, it cultivates a state of mind and attitude in the individual and as such is a very personal activity. Freemasonry does not deny a man his right to think for himself and his right to follow the dictates of his own faith. Every Mason has a right to seek in our Fraternity what he, himself, wants to find, but no Mason’s expression of opinion is binding on other Masons or on the Fraternity itself. We believe while it is everyone’s right to believe as they wish, it is not right to force their belief on others. Freemasonry is a place to spend time with good men who will want you to become a better man. They assert a belief in God and adhere to a belief about the nature of God; their relationship with Him; and the moral conduct that He requires. Freemasons worship God in their own way and no discussions of religion ever take place in a Masonic Lodge. Freemasonry permits men of all religions, faiths, creed, and political persuasion to come together, to meet, to mix and to share in the belief that charity, in its broadest interpretation, and brotherly love are the wishes of their God.” – Most Worshipful Donald Trump