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  • 12 MAR, 7pm: Special membership meeting   of the Masonic Park and Youth Camp at Tampa Lodge 240 to vote on proposed by-law changes. It is open to all Masons in Dist. 19  and 20. A copy of the proposed changes can be requested by emailing secretary@ptfunited.com.

  • 16 MAR, 7:30pm: Open Communication – (dinner at 6:30pm) – Presentation by Br. Corson on the history/timeline of Port Tampa and PTF United. Invite your friends! Click to Open Flyer
  • 23 MAR, 7:30pm: EA Degree – Mr. Michael Owens – (dinner at 6:30pm) (scheduled practice dates are Thursday, March 4th, Thursday, March 11th, and Monday, March 22nd with practice starting at 6:30pm. )

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One of the principal tenets of our profession is charity toward all mankind. See what we are doing to impact our community.

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Before public education was prevalent, Masonic Lodges were where men went to learn about the Liberal Arts & Sciences. So what are we doing today?

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Call it “engaging with those both inside and outside our walls in a social setting” or simply call it fun. Fellowship creates a bond which unites us all.

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