What does a Mason do?


Although it may sound a bit canned, in addition to charity, education, and fellowship, the simplest answer is, “we make good men better.” However, reading this you may rightfully be compelled to ask, “how do you do that?” Perhaps the best way to answer that is by comparing what we do with a self-help program.

Almost everyone has sought to better themselves at one time or another. Whether personal or professional, we have set a goal and created a plan to achieve it. Sometimes the results are drastic. Other times subtle. And at other times, nearly imperceptible unless one is paying close attention.

We, as Masons, seek to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Freemasonry was founded on the noble virtues of brotherly love, relief, and truth. We teach our members how to be moral and upstanding men and Masons. And practice what we learn daily.

Ours is a Moral Self-help Program. But as with any self-improvement program, what you get out of Freemasonry is commensurate with what you put into it. 

Those who study and learn our esoteric work, participate in our educational programs, and engage with the community experience far greater returns than those who do the bare minimum. They become better husbands, fathers, and friends. Their charity is felt in their communities. And they serve as a guiding light for others to follow.

This all may seem rather simplistic or even inconsequential, but we assure you this is not the fact. Talk to any active Mason and you will find that their journey has been highly personal and rewarding; something which cannot always be put into words.