As Masons we are taught to have charity toward all mankind. 

While “charity toward all mankind” sounds simple enough, we have quickly discovered we have much to learn. However, we have a plan in place, are already making a difference, and are excited about the potential opportunities which lie ahead.

To celebrate and preserve the charitable legacy of our two original Lodges, we established the Fellowship and Port Tampa Lodges Charitable Trust to fund our endeavors through time immemorial. Although our initial annual budget for charity is $20K, we wanted to make a statement about the sincerity of our intentions so in our first year alone, we have already donated more than $40K to charity with additional programs and giving already on the way. 

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Our charitable endeavors focus on all levels of the family unit; children, young adults, parents, and even their pets.

While we learn how best to serve the needs of our community, we have established five programs on which we are focusing our efforts: Backpack Program, Higher Education Scholarships, Trade School Scholarships, Pro-bono Legal Services at Metropolitan Ministries, and Simple Green for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. All of which you may learn more about below.

Of course, we cannot do this alone and hope to expand our programs through the generous financial support of individual donors, businesses, and those who support our annual fundraiser; be it through attendance or sponsorship. If you are interested in partnering with us on any of these programs, please Contact Us.

Backpack Program

Ed Scholarships

Trade Scholarships

Legal Services

HSTB Simple Green

Annual Fundraiser

Affiliated Charities

Masonic Home of Florida

Masonic Park & Youth Camp