“Those who are the happiest, are those who do the most for others” – Booker T. Washington


Worshipful Master Jeremy Tabak
Senior Warden Alan Lawton
Rich Tux Headshot copy
Junior Warden Richard Corson
Secretray Eric Bade
Treasurer Rob Hosmenak
Senior Deacon Jamie Vacarro
Vasilios Nenos
Junior Deacon Vasilios Nenos
Senior Steward Rob Nelson
Junior Steward Chris Cubero
Tyler Brian Rubright
Chaplain Phil Ray
Marshall Michael Griffin

Masonic Titles Defined

Although spiritual in nature, Freemasonry is not a religion; a fact that is often confused because of our titles.

Each Lodge has a Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Warden, and Senior and Junior Deacon; none of which should be misconstrued as religious titles. 

Referring to Google Dictionary: 

  • Worshipful refers to the archaic use meaning entitled to honor or respect.
  • Warden is one who is responsible for the supervision of a particular place or thing or for ensuring that regulations associated with it are obeyed.
  • Deacon harkens back to its Greek origins of servant as they are charged with assisting the Wardens. 

Titles beyond Worshipful Master are similar in meaning. In order of rank, they are:

  • Worshipful – A Past Master of a Lodge
  • Right Honorable District Instructor – Responsible for the instruction of an entire District of Lodges
  • Right Honorable – A past District Instructor
  • Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master – Responsible for the oversight of an entire District reporting directly to the Grand Master 
  • Right Worshipful – A past Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master
  • Most Worshipful Grand Master – The sitting Grand Master over an entire jurisdiction*
  • Most Worshipful – A past Most Worshipful Grand Master

*In the US, every State, and Washington D.C. is its own jurisdiction. There is no body which governs the entire country. However, each State/jurisdiction is recognized by the other.