Masonic Books & other sources

Becoming a Freemason is just the door to the enlightenment that can come from it. To truly understand our craft and place in this world takes a life time of study of masonic books, critical thought, and open debate with other seekers of wisdom. This Masonic library is a compilation of readings to posses a dynamic understanding of the context, origin and role freemasonry plays and has played in our world, where the ideas originated  and how they have evolved and defused into the fabric of our world. (scroll down)

When reading any of the Masonic books in our library, we recommend that you do so Critically, especially when reading the commentary and speculative books written in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This Library of Masonic Books, where possible, has direct links to allow for immediate access to the least expensive digital medium of consumption of these materials. This means that many of the primary sources below can be read for free.

While anyone can read through our masonic library  and gain a greater understanding about the craft, it should be noted that to understand why certain books are chosen, and how they relate to freemasonry, one must first become a Freemason.

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The following is a library of important subjects for the study of Freemasonry, its origins, and affiliates: